So you think You’re Liked? Think Again!

How many fans do you think your Facebook page has?

Go on, take a look at the number of Likes for the page.

I suppose you think that’s the number of people who get to see your Facebook updates.

Well, I’m afraid it isn’t. You are lucky if it’s half that. In fact the number quoted is that on average 16% of your Fans get to see your updates. Ouch!

Why is this? [Read more...]

Big Names Close Facebook Stores

I was recently contacted by a journalist for my thoughts on a breaking story regarding the fact that some big name retailers were quietly closing their Facebook stores.

It seemed to me that these “big names” had completely missed the point of Facebook and once again corporate mentality had managed to ruin a perfectly viable business opportunity for them.

In all the cases listed it appeared that these companies had simply created an online store on Facebook and expected to generate huge sales. The “lure” of large numbers of potential customers had blinded them to basic common sense when trying to do business on Social Media. [Read more...]

Someone Deleted Facebook!

The end is nigh. Facebook will soon be a distant memory.

Facebook Deleted

Don’t┬ábelieve┬áme then watch this.

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Removing Facebook Tagged Photos

At a recent network event I was presented with an interesting problem regarding the tagging of photos on Facebook and it occurred to me that this may be a problem that a few people have come across. So I thought I’d post the solution here.

First here’s the problem. The person I was chatting with was using Facebook both for her business as a way of communicating with her customers and also she connected with friends. Normally I tell people to use a Facebook page for your business and keep your personal profile for your very personal contacts. However not everyone adopts this idea.

So, the issue was that a photo had been taken of the lady and [Read more...]