YouTube gets the Adwords Treatment

Youtueb Google adwords

Well it had to happen eventually and it looks like it has.

YouTube has finally been given the Adwords treatment and its more evidence of the growing impact of Google on the Video sharing giant. [Read more...]

YouTube user abuses the rules Big Time

If you have ever uploaded a video to YouTube you will know there very clear rules on posting videos. For those that don’t here they are:

You can no longer upload videos longer than ten minutes regardless of what type of account you have. Users who had previously been allowed to upload longer content still retain this ability, so you may occasionally see videos that are longer than ten minutes.

Now I’ve found a user that is posting videos much larger than 10 minutes. In some cases the videos are a couple of hours long!

[Read more...]

YouTube and the Google effect!

YouTube and Google

If anyone was in any doubt that Google would start to have an effect on how YouTube developed then they need look no further than the new “Insight” service within YouTube.

This new service provides statistical information about your uploaded videos.

You can get

  • demographics of your viewers
  • reports on the number of times all you videos have been seen over given time ranges
  • graphs showing your most popular videos
  • maps showing where in the world your viewers are coming from.

Does this sound a little like Google Analytics to you?

Not that I’m saying this is a bad thing. Not at all. It’s just further proof that YouTube is becoming a business tool rather than the “here’s a video of me and my friends doing something cool” site that it started as.

Just take a look at who are on YouTube now. You will see big Corporate names, famous people, even politicians. Everyone has wised up to the power and reach of this service.

So Google were smart to buy it and now they are developing tools to make it very useful to the serious business person who wants to use it as a marketing tool.

The only question now is, when are you going to start using it for your business?