Webinar Replay: Advertising Secrets with the Marketing Magician

Advertising Secrets ebookThis week it was my pleasure to interview Stefan Drew about his latest book, Advertising Secrets: Essential Advertising Tips that the Sales Reps prefer you not to know!

In it’s first week the book has already been listed as an Amazon Best Seller – not bad!

We recorded the webinar and you’ll find the playback below.

It was also my pleasure to provide a foreword for the book and to give you an idea of my impression of the book, here is what I had to say: [Read more...]

Advertising Secrets with the Marketing Magician

Join me, Mike Seddon, as I interview Stefan Drew (known as the Marketing Magician) about his latest book:

Advertising Secrets: Essential Advertising Tips That Advertising Sales Reps Prefer You NOT To Know


The Webinar happened on Wednesday 31st July 2013. You can now watch a recording of the Advertising Secrets Webinar

This book is essential reading for anyone who’s interest in advertising that works!

On the webinar, Stefan will reveal a few of these advertising secrets so why would you miss it!



How to be More Effective on LinkedIn

LinkedIn LogoAnother question from one of my recent Q&A webinars. This time it’s about LinkedIn.

As you’ll see in the video recording from the webinar, I really think LinkedIn is a great place for many businesses. However I think it’s being ignored by most in favour of Facebook and Twitter. I think this is a big mistake especially if you are in a B2B type of business.

I’ve included a full transcript of this answer below the video. Enjoy! [Read more...]

Banned by Google? Here’s how to get unbanned!

It’s one of those awful feelings when you open the email from Google and read that you’ve been banned or suspended.

It’s worse if you believe you are totally innocent because you have no idea what you did wrong or even how to fix it.

One day you are happily advertising and driving traffic to your website and the next everything stops.

Is this the end? [Read more...]

Facebook Versus Google

Which is better?

Google Adwords or Facebook advertising?

It’s a common question. It’s therefore no surprise that it came up at our last web promotion Q&A webinar.

Here’s my answer along with a transcription below. [Read more...]

Website Conversion Blues – Or Reds, Greens, or any other colour!

At one of our regular free Web Promotion Q&A webinars I was asked about the effect of colour on a website  and how it improved engagement with your audience.

You’ll see my answer in the video recording below and underneath there is a full transcript of the answer.

There are a lot of lessons here for anyone who’s struggling to get people to convert on their website. [Read more...]

The Magnificent Seven Ride

cowboy_riding_horse_400_whtIn these times of economic turmoil it’s easy for business owners to feel under siege.

Turn on the news and all you seem to hear is more bad news.

What we all need are some heroes to ride into town and help us through these challenges.

Well I know six great guys that have been a big help in my business. They are my heroes!

[Read more...]

Website Promotion – Questions and Answers Webinar

Thank you to everyone who attended today’s webinar.

The questions you raised about website promotion were great and I hope I was able to answer them all for you.

I recorded the webinar and so I thought those that missed it might like to hear what we talked about!

[Read more...]