404 is a Traffic Hole

Are you losing traffic through your 404 page?

What’s a 404 page I hear some of you shout!

Well, if you have ever type in a webpage address that does not exist then you have probably seen something like this.

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Welcome to More Business for Web Traffic

Welcome to the very first post for our blog “More business for Web Traffic”.

We chose this title carefully because this blog is dedicated to giving you advice and tips on driving more business from the traffic you already have as well as increasing the traffic you can get.

We believe these two activities must go hand in hand.

Success in business is quite simply down to the simple fact of selling to lots of people.

So in web terms, this means you need a website that can sell and you also need lots of people to find your website.

Our blog posts will cover SEO, Pay per Click (especially Google Adwords), Link Building and other web traffic building tips. We will also focus on customer conversion and web traffic analysis techniques that really allow you to understand your visitors so that you can improve your website to win more sales.

So welcome and here’s to the next blog post soon!


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