The Most Underused and the Most Powerful Report in Adwords

Asking a QuestionDo you really know what searches are triggering your adverts to appear in Google Adwords?

You may think you do but I find that more times than not I can surprise people by showing them what they truly are spending their Adwords budgets on.

Most people think that their adverts are showing for the keywords they are bidding on and don’t realise that there are rules that [Read more...]

Yippee. Now you can update your Keywords in Adwords directly from Excel!

If you are like me then you probably prefer to view your keyword reports in Excel. I find it faster to get to the data I want using Excel than I can using the standard Adwords web interface (anyone else notice how slow that is getting these days??).

What I used to find very frustrating though was that whilst I could view the data much quicker and easy in Excel, I was still forced to manually make changes back in the web interface. Actually I tended to use the Adwords Editor and managed to develop a few techniques to make the process smoother but it would have been so much more easier to have been able to update the keywords data right there in Excel.

Well the Google gods must have been listening because [Read more...]

Facebook Versus Google

Which is better?

Google Adwords or Facebook advertising?

It’s a common question. It’s therefore no surprise that it came up at our last web promotion Q&A webinar.

Here’s my answer along with a transcription below. [Read more...]

Can you do the Splits?

It frequently amazes me how many Adwords campaigns I am asked to look at that are not split testing.

If there is one thing that you can do to an AdWords campaign that will significantly and consistently improve it’s performance it is split testing.

If you aren’t doing it yourself then get very excited because once you learn to do this AND apply it to your campaigns then you are going to see a massive improvement.

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Adwords – The Ultimate SEO Tool!

One of the questions that always causes a lot of debate is this one.
Which is better? Adwords or SEO?
Try typing the question into Google and you will see many pages devoted to the argument.
As an Adwords specialist you would probably expect me to say Adwords is better. However you would be wrong!
I believe both have their place in a well designed and executed web promotion strategy. The truth is that both of these approaches have there own strengths and weaknesses. I wrote an article about this way back in 2008 and most of what I said then still holds true. You can find the article at
What’s more I firmly believe that no business should rely on just one way to grow its business. If you do that, you are putting your growth at great risk and also denying yourself the business that different strategies can bring.
For example, let us assume your business relies on SEO to bring in all of your sales. Where would that business be if your site suddenly dropped out of the search engine results? How long could you survive?
The same is true with Adwords as well. Google has been known to close down accounts if it feels you are breaking their rules and stop you advertising with them ever again. Imagine how much that would hurt if your only means of getting traffic to your website was through Adwords.
However what I really wanted to share with you in this post is my view that that Adwords is an excellent tool for SEO. Rather than viewing these two approaches as competing techniques, it is far better to view them as complimentary.
To understand the point I’m trying to make you first have to agree with me that the only reason you are sending traffic to your website is so that you can do business with the people you are sending to your site. If you are sending lots of people but none are buying then it’s completely pointless.
So if you accept this fact then you must also accept that the keywords you should target for your website are the keywords that send buying traffic and not just lots of traffic. The problem you now face is knowing which keywords will send buying traffic.
The only sure way to find out which keywords create sales for your website is by testing and this is where Adwords can be invaluable.
Using Adwords you can test lots of keywords very quickly. In a matter of minutes you can send traffic to your site from a variety of keywords and test which ones give you the best sales.
Obviously you will want to run these tests for a while so that you can build up enough data to make an educated decision on but we are probably only talk a few weeks before you start to get a good idea of the better keywords to target.
You don’t have this advantage of speed with SEO. It could take months to get your pages to rank sufficiently high enough for a few keywords to generate enough traffic for you to be able to gather the amount of data to decide if they create good sales.
So my advice is you should generally always consider start by using Adwords to research your keywords and get some early successes so that you can then be sure that any SEO you then do will be using the right keywords.
I would also suggest that you should continue with Adwords even after you have your keywords in place using SEO because this gives you two chances of getting the click and it also protects you business if one of these two processes suddenly stops working.

Adwords and SEO working togetherOne of the questions that always causes a lot of debate is this one.

Which is better? Adwords or SEO?

Try typing the question into Google and you will see many pages devoted to the argument.

As an Adwords specialist you would probably expect me to say Adwords is better. However you would be wrong! [Read more...]

Searching for the Professionals

So where do you find Google Adwords certified professionals and companies?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just type in the country where you are, the amount you want to spend, the service you want and then sit back whilst someone finds all the people that fit your needs.

Guess what. You can!

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Memories of 2009

Well, 2009 is almost over so as I’m sure we all do, I’m just reflecting over the year and on what’s been achieved.

At KKSmarts it’s probably been one of our best years which is very encouraging considering the economic climate that the media would have us believe exists.

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Adwords Editor Upgrade Bug

Google quietly released version 7 of the Adwords Editor towards the end of December 2008 for both the PC and the Mac.

Whilst the upgrade provides some very welcomed new features it also brings with it a very annoying bug if you use the automatic upgrade feature [Read more...]

Bad Google Adwords advice from Google themselves!

You would think that Google would be the best people to offer advice on how to set up and run an Adwords campaign but unfortunately that just isn’t true.

Their last piece of optimisation advice is not good advice at all

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Adwords Qualified Companies – Are they really Qualified?

You might be forgiven for thinking that a company that proudly displays the Google Adwords Qualified Company Logo must have lots of highly qualified individuals. Surely that’s what the award means doesn’t it.

Well in fact it doesn’t. It doesn’t promise anything of the kind. [Read more...]