Giving your WordPress blog an SEO Boost

Why would anyone choose WordPress for their blogs if they care about SEO?

Probably not if it wasn’t for the many useful plugins that are available. WordPress straight “out of the box” is not at all SEO friendly. If it wasn’t for Pretty Permalinks I think WordPress would be hard pressed to gain the following it has.

That of course would be a shame because the rest of WordPress is fine for pulling together a decent blog. Also there is an incredible amount of plugins available that really transform WordPress into the powerful tool it can be if set up correctly.

In setting up this blog, I discovered many great plugins and articles that really helped get me started . Here’s the best of the bunch.

First up is these extremely useful ebook, the SEO Book for WordPress. I found this book excellent in setting up my blog initially.

Make sure you grab the All in one SEO plugin so that you can optimise your title tags.

You will also want to create your own Google sitemap for your blog and this Google sitemap plugin is what I use.

I would also highly recommend reading Aaron Wall’s excellent Bloggers Guide to SEO

Another excellent resource is this 20 practical SEO Tips to Super-Charge your SEO blog from SEO Design Solutions.

Then of course you have the Definitive Guide to High Ranking For your Blog by Joost de Valk.

If anyone else has any guides or plugins they would like to share, please post a comment.

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  1. Great post, thanks Mike! Some really solid, confidence inspiring resources in there.

  2. Mike,
    It was a pleasure chatting wih you today.I print this article now and make use of it by installing my new blog on
    Thank you again
    It is heartwarming to meet people ready to help!
    Can I do something for you in return?

  3. Hey Mike, your content was very valuable to me. I just started my blog 3 hours ago. I have it setup and submitted my first post. I’m just taking it one step at a time.I just want to network with like-minded people.If you have the time can you check out my site and tell me what you think? all suggestions and advice is welcome. Thanks, Sean.

  4. Nice article by Luke from Mint Marketing on Blog SEO.

    Here it is:

    SEO Tips for WordPress

  5. Mike,
    Its reassuring that your advice of a couple of years ago is still relevant – especially in the world of blogging and affiliate marketing.
    I’ll be referring my readers to your blog with confidence!
    Regards, Brian

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