Reviews sell Products. Now they Sell Clicks!

Take a close look at this advert. Notice anything unusual?

New Adwords Review Ad Extensions

*Image from Google Adwords Blog


Look at those extra lines in the advert. They are quotes from reviews of the product.

As we all know nothing sells something as well as a positive, independent review and so adding these to an advert could be gold dust for some advertisers.

Hold your Horses!

Now before you rush off to your Adwords account to go find these new ad extensions, let me tell you that they are still in beta test so unless you applied to be part of the beta then you won’t have this new feature yet.

I just want to make sure you know these are coming so that you can start to think about how you would use these And maybe you should start thinking about how you can get some great reviews written about your products.

Ok, so how do these work?

You need a review!

Well first you clearly need a review written by an independent resource or as Google puts it a “reputable 3rd party”. There’s no clear guidelines from Google on this. They simply say they will have automated and manual processes to make sure your reviewer is reputable. Clearly this is to stop all the scammers who ruin everything for everyone. Hopefully Google may publish a list of accepted sites but for now you really have to go with your own instincts. for me the acid test is “Do I think the website giving the review is a reputable one” (ie: would I personally trust a review I read on that website!).

What words can I use in the advert?

For the review line you can either use the heading from the review or a direct quote. You can also write your own summary as the line but it has to accurately reflect the review.

How many characters can my review line be?

At the moment I believe it’s set to 67 characters including the link text to the reviewer website. However as this is in beta they may ultimately settle on a different length.

Where do they go when they click on the review link (and who pays!)

In the example above, if someone clicked in the blue links for Fitness World Weekly or Gym Body Weekly then the click would take them to that review on the reviewers website. You would NOT be charged for that click.

Now if that review happened to have a link back to your product (why wouldn’t it!) and the customer followed that link and bought then you’d effectively have a free sale since you didn’t pay for the click to the review. Nice!

 When is this coming out of beta?

Good question! No news on that yet but it’s been in beta since June. Stay tuned to this blog and I’ll post an update once they become available to everyone.

 So what do you think about Adwords Review Ad Extensions?

Are these good news for your business? Will you be using them? Let me have your comments below – thanks.

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  1. Great post Mike! You should also write a post on the new AdWords Offer Extensions. Works like charm! Reviews are great but everybody loves a bargain 🙂

  2. I’ve been meaning to put together a post on all the extensions, old and new (and the ones still in beta!). I need to write faster! – Just bought Ryan Healy’s book on that very subject so maybe I can start writing more blog posts.

    Thanks for the comment!

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