Advertising Secrets with the Marketing Magician

Join me, Mike Seddon, as I interview Stefan Drew (known as the Marketing Magician) about his latest book:

Advertising Secrets: Essential Advertising Tips That Advertising Sales Reps Prefer You NOT To Know


The Webinar happened on Wednesday 31st July 2013. You can now watch a recording of the Advertising Secrets Webinar

This book is essential reading for anyone who’s interest in advertising that works!

On the webinar, Stefan will reveal a few of these advertising secrets so why would you miss it!



Every Adwords Campaign will have its Day

Adwords Campaigns CalendarMost Adwords advertisers miss a trick when they build their campaigns.

Quite often they just use one campaign because all they really use it for is to set the budget for their advertising.

However for quite a few businesses they could use the scheduling option in the campaign to get very creative and boost their traffic.

By combining their adcopy with that time their ad is running they will definitely stand out from the other adverts and, as we know, ads that stand out usually get clicked on!

Let me demonstrate what I mean using some examples. Continue reading Every Adwords Campaign will have its Day!!

Google's plans for SEO straight from the horses mouth.

Google's plans for SEOWhat’s the future for SEO? Is it dead or is it reborn in a new reincarnation?

The internet has been buzzing for months now with everyone trying to second guess exactly what Google are planning this year. Penguin 2.0 (as it’s been labeled ) is set to shake up the rankings in Google. We are sure to see some movement of websites. Some will benefit, others will suffer. Unfortunately some will be Continue reading Google’s plans for SEO straight from the horses mouth.

What a Shock! Businesses choose this First.

WOW ImageDid you know that advertising on the internet is the number one choice to UK businesses and it has been since 2009! – FACT.

Last year alone UK businesses spend over £5billion on internet advertising.

TV advertising was a long way behind in 2nd place.

Here’s what’s interesting. Continue reading What a Shock! Businesses choose this First.

So you think You're Liked? Think Again!

How many fans do you think your Facebook page has?

Go on, take a look at the number of Likes for the page.

I suppose you think that’s the number of people who get to see your Facebook updates.

Well, I’m afraid it isn’t. You are lucky if it’s half that. In fact the number quoted is that on average 16% of your Fans get to see your updates. Ouch!

Why is this? Continue reading So you think You’re Liked? Think Again!

How to track your Success with Google Adwords

measuring success

Are you Measuring your Success?

It’s amazing and frankly quite frightening how many Adwords accounts I get to review that have made no attempt to track how successful (or otherwise) they are. What’s even more staggering is that Google give you the facility to do this and it’s completely free.

It’s the first think I look for in any account I am asked to review and its the first thing I Continue reading How to track your Success with Google Adwords

The Most Underused and the Most Powerful Report in Adwords

Asking a QuestionDo you really know what searches are triggering your adverts to appear in Google Adwords?

You may think you do but I find that more times than not I can surprise people by showing them what they truly are spending their Adwords budgets on.

Most people think that their adverts are showing for the keywords they are bidding on and don’t realise that there are rules that Continue reading The Most Underused and the Most Powerful Report in Adwords

11 Tips for Beating Bloggers Block

11 Ways to Beat Bloggers Block

What do you do when you can’t think of anything to write for your blog? That terrible feeling of bloggers block can unsettle even the most proficient writer. The good news is that I have 11 tips for getting over bloggers block and getting your creative juices flowing again. Continue reading 11 Tips for Beating Bloggers Block

See Mobile Traffic Secrets with Google Analytics and the Second Dimension

If you’ve been around the business community – you’ll have heard that mobile traffic to websites is increasing. This is commonly just heard – and people then go onto assert that you therefore need a “mobile enabled” website.

Whilst this may be true – Google Analytics can give you valuable information to help you decide whether this is actually important to your business.

The secrets lie in Continue reading Inside the numbers : Why Mobile To Your Website is increasing

Yippee. Now you can update your Keywords in Adwords directly from Excel!

If you are like me then you probably prefer to view your keyword reports in Excel. I find it faster to get to the data I want using Excel than I can using the standard Adwords web interface (anyone else notice how slow that is getting these days??).

What I used to find very frustrating though was that whilst I could view the data much quicker and easy in Excel, I was still forced to manually make changes back in the web interface. Actually I tended to use the Adwords Editor and managed to develop a few techniques to make the process smoother but it would have been so much more easier to have been able to update the keywords data right there in Excel.

Well the Google gods must have been listening because Continue reading Yippee. Now you can update your Keywords in Adwords directly from Excel!