Keyword Tool coming out of Beta

Okay I’ll admit it. I’m a creature of habit and I’ve been slow to embrace the new keyword tool for Adwords whilst its been going through its beta trials.

To be honest I tried it a few times early on and I felt that it was just a cosmetic look & feel upgrade.

I still feel that way about it although they do seem to have added some nice touches in the recent release. Maybe they have also seen that the adoption rate of the new tool has been slow. Or maybe I’m just one of the dinosaurs :)

Dinosaur mourns loss of keyword toolWell I can’t ignore it anymore as they are removing my old faithful keyword tool at the end of August so I was forced to take a longer look at the new kid on the block.

Actually it does have some nice features.

The filtering aspects once you have runĀ  keyword search is good. It allows you to start to formulate groupings of keywords. A first step towards more closely targeted keyword themed adgroups.

Also there is a nod to the future as they have included the ability to split of statistics for mobile devices. It will be very interesting to see how these numbers climb in the next few years (or maybe months).

One item I’m not convinced about is the “improved” feature that allows you to quickly add negative keywords from the search results.

Whilst I am a big advocate of negative keywords, you have to be very careful when adding them into your adgroups. Most people are unaware of the matching types for negative keywords and just dragging keywords phrases into your adgroups without considering matching can cause you to restrict valid searches. So use that feature with care.

You can find the official announcement from Google on their Adwords Blog.

So, are you a dinosaur like me. Will you miss the old tool? Let me know I am not alone and post a comment below:)

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