Google +1 appears on Display Adverts

Google continues to roll out it’s +1 button. It’s starting to get everywhere! superplusone

I’m sure you’ve noticed these buttons appearing everywhere recently.

In fact, if you look down to the bottom left of this page you’ll see we have one as well! If it’s not there then move you mouse down to the bottom of our page and you see it appear.

It’s not just on webpages that these have appeared on. They started appearing in Search results and search ads ages ago.

The idea behind these is that they act very much like the LIKE buttons from Facebook. If you click on a +1 button then any of your other Google friends will see this whenever they look at the same webpage or search listing. It shows your face and a comment that you plused one’d this.

Of course it’s hoped this will encourage your Google friends to click onto the same websites.

Google Friends

In case you are wondering what I mean by Google friends, this is just anyone that you have included into your circle of friends on Google. This is done through Google’s own Facebook clone called Google Plus.

Now on a Display Ad near you.

Google recently added +1 buttons onto the bottom of Display Ads. So if one of your friends has plus one’d an advert then you will see that. It’s expected that this will encourage you to want to click on the advert as well.

If you go into your Adwords account and look at your campaign settings you will see a new item called Social Settings. When you click on that you will see that the Plus one button is turned on by default. This feature is so new that the help text has even been written yet!

Plus one button on Display network

If you want to know more about this button then here’s the official announcement from Google Adwords

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